Monthly Archives: October 2017

A Good Apology Doesn’t Change the Subject

We learn another element of a good apology from Kevin Spacey this week: don’t change the subject. Mr. Spacey, a Hollywood actor, was accused this week by another actor, Anthony Rapp, of assaulting him when Rapp was 14. To his credit, Spacey issued an immediate response. He tweeted that he was “beyond horrified” to hear […]

Celebrity Chef John Besh Apologizes

Celebrity Chef John Besh stepped down this week from the restaurant group he founded, amid a host of sexual harassment complaints naming him and other top men in his company, which employs more than one thousand people in New Orleans, San Antonio and Baltimore. Besh issued a statement in which he acknowledged an extra-marital affair […]

An “Apology” Law that Actually Uses the Word “Apology”

We learn from a posting at that Hong Kong has passed its version of what many jurisdictions refer to as an “apology law.” The idea is to encourage apologies between litigants by making apologies inadmissible should the case go to trial. The article contrasts the more straightforward Hong Kong legislation, which actually defines “apology,” […]