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SBC CEO Candidate Apologizes

A finalist to head the Southern Baptist Convention included an apology in his resignation last week. Willie McLaurin, the interim president and CEO of the SBC Executive Committee, admitted that he had falsified his resume, and had not graduated from any of the institutions listed. In his resignation letter, submitted to the SBC Executive Committee, […]

Schembechler Apology Falls a Little Short

Only three days after he was hired, Glenn Schembechler resigned Saturday as assistant director of recruiting for the University of Michigan football team. Football fans discovered and were appalled by some of Mr. Schembechler’s “likes” and re-tweets on his Twitter account, including racist posts as well as support of the January 6, 2021, invasion of […]

The 4 R’s of Apology

Many experts recommend that we employ “the 4 R’s” when making an apology, to ensure that it’s a good apology. But there’s not complete agreement on which four R’s we need. Professor Carrie Petrucci recommended the following four R’s in her 2002 article on apologies, citing other apology scholars: (i) an expression of remorse or […]

Apology for Disruptive Protests

The Honorable Stuart Kyle Duncan, who sits on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, was invited to speak at Stanford Law School last week, but hecklers prevented him from giving his talk, and U.S. marshals ended up escorting him out of the room. Two days later, he received a written apology letter […]

A Good Business Apology

This blog usually reviews public apologies that fall short of the mark, but here’s one that has been praised: it was by Andrew Benin, chief executive of Graza, a small startup that sells olive oil. Graza started just a year ago, and this was its first holiday season. Apparently some gift packages arrived late, or […]


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