Monthly Archives: November 2017

Matt Lauer Apology Gets a B+

Matt Lauer, the 20-year host of the Today show, issued an apology today after being fired from NBC News yesterday in response to allegations of sexual harassment. The apology isn’t too bad. It includes responsibility and regret, as well as some thoughtful phrases like, “I realize the depth of the damage and the disappointment I have left behind …” […]

“Choose Your Own Public Apology”

For a light-hearted look at generic advice on how (not) to make a public apology, check this out from the New York Times.

Of Recent Public Apologies

The apologies have been flying off the shelves this month, as many public figures respond to accusations of sexual harassment. A Washington Post article today does a nice job of summarizing the good and the bad of the public apologies we’ve been witnessing. The author, Allison Klein, notes that many apologies miss the mark because they’re still all […]

Could an Apology Help Roy Moore’s Senate Campaign?

I usually write about public apologies, but this week I’m thinking about an apology that hasn’t happened: what if Roy Moore offered a public apology for his past transgressions? Could that save his Senate campaign? Several women have come forward in the last week to accuse Roy Moore of sexual misconduct decades ago. Judge Moore has […]

Michigan Court Orders Mediator to Answer Questions Regarding Mediation

A colleague mediated a litigated case this past summer, that did not result in an agreement. Last week my colleague received a court order in the case, as follows: It is ordered that the mediator who conducted the parties’ mediation on July __, 2017, shall inform the court as to: Whether opposing counsel was prepared […]