Conflict Free Diamonds

Many girls—and no doubt some guys–will receive the gift of a diamond today. Will it be a “conflict free diamond”?

“Conflict diamond” is a term used to describe diamonds tainted by the conflicts associated with diamond production in Africa, where diamonds are mined under conditions akin to slavery, and are used to finance violent rebel groups.

So diamond retailers have started offering “conflict free diamonds” to assure consumers that their diamonds have been, as one retailer puts it, “ethically sourced.” In other words, a “conflict free diamond” has been mined, refined, and delivered, free of conflict. Its past is conflict-free.

What about the diamond’s future? Will it be “conflict-free” once it becomes a piece of jewelry worn by a happy wife or delighted daughter? A diamond is treasured, not only because of its value, but because of what it represents: beauty, timelessness, durability, permanence. It’s the perfect symbol of a life-long relationship. Wouldn’t it be neat if “conflict free diamond” represented a conflict-free relationship?

Would that all diamonds were “conflict free”—free of conflict in their production, and free of conflict in the relationships they represent. Happy Valentine’s Day!