“Mediators” Win Nobel Peace Prize

The 2015 Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to four organizations that have in effect been mediating to keep peace in Tunisia. The four organizations—a labor union, a trade group, a human rights league, and a lawyers’ group—comprise the National Dialogue Quartet, formed in 2013 to help Tunisia move beyond its 2011 revolution to build a “pluralistic democracy.” The Nobel Committee said the Quartet “exercised its role as a mediator and driving force to advance peaceful democratic development in Tunisia with great moral authority.”

The Quartet “established an alternative, peaceful political process at a time when the country was on the brink of civil war,” enabling Tunisia to establish a constitutional system of government. The Quartet was instrumental in ensuring that Tunisia held peaceful, democratic elections last fall by facilitating dialogue among citizens, political parties and authorities to find “consensus-based solutions to a wide range of challenges across political and religious divides.”

It’s difficult enough to mediate between two individuals with common interests; to bring together political factions vying for power along with citizens on both sides of a revolution is truly admirable. I’d like to hear more about how this Quartet was able to be so effective—and I hope the peace lasts.

October 2015


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