Asking for an Apology

Every one of the victim impact statements from the women abused by Larry Nassar is powerful. But one especially grabbed my attention, that of Emily Morales, who spoke yesterday. At one point during her statement at the podium in the courtroom, she turned to face Larry Nassar, and said she believed in forgiveness – “we are all human beings, we all make mistakes.” But, she said, she needed for Nassar to look at her and apologize to her “right here, for all the hurt you caused.”

Just barely audible is a voice that says, “I’m sorry.” She responds with a tearful thank-you.

Emily Morales is apparently only 18, but she understands the power of the confession/forgiveness dynamic. She knows that she needs to forgive him in order to move on with her own life. She knows that forgiveness is tough even if the offender apologizes, but way tougher without it. So she had the courage to ask her offender, right then and there, for his apology. And Larry Nassar had the good sense to say he was sorry. Many victims would not have been satisfied with those two words, but Ms. Morales was. May this step contribute to her healing–and to Nassar’s as well.



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