Christian Students Sue Their Christian College

A lawsuit involving Christians on both sides was filed in Federal Court this week. Several students of Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, are suing their college for return of fees paid for services not received. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the college moved its courses online and reduced its campus services and activities in March, but kept the dorms open and refused to refund room and board fees for the balance of the semester.

This is an issue facing colleges and college students around the country this spring, and there are reports of other lawsuits over this issue. But, being the largest Christian college in the U.S., one would prefer that the Liberty University students and leadership had been able to work this out privately, in accordance with biblical injunctions against taking disputes to court (I Corinthians 6:1-7).

The students, who filed this class action on behalf of thousands of other Liberty students, may have selected their attorney, a class-action specialist from Chicago, for his legal expertise more than his familiarity with Scripture; if so, they have a wonderful opportunity to show him how Christians resolve their disputes, in love, in private. The college likewise will hopefully do everything in its power to settle this matter swiftly, privately and fairly (Matthew 5:25).