Monthly Archives: November 2014

Christian Mediation Thwarted by Lawsuit

Two Christian parties who ended up in court despite a contract clause requiring them to mediate their disputes biblically have now settled their dispute. Dr. Edward O. Blews, Jr., was fired from his position as president of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) in October 2013 after just nine months in that position. […]

At Least They Apologized

Church discipline is supposed to be restorative. In Matthew 18:15-17, Jesus outlines a four-step process for dealing with a sinning member; each step is designed to get the member to “listen,” i.e., repent and change their behavior.  If a couple of witnesses can’t get the member to listen, Jesus says, “then tell it to the […]

Let’s Limit Term Limits

Voters in Grand Rapids approved a proposal Tuesday that limits the terms of our elected city representatives. My fellow citizens have in effect restricted my voting rights. Neither of my two city commissioners, Ruth Kelly and Rosalynn Bliss, can run again; my right to vote for them has now been taken away from me. They […]