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Two cases played out in U.S. courtrooms this week that can best be summed up in the word “evil.” One is the sentencing hearing for sports doctor Larry Nassar, where dozens of women are describing the impact of his sexual abuse on their lives. The other is the arraignment of a couple who have been […]

The Dark Side of Confidentiality

Some of the women who are disclosing sexual harassment recently are breaching confidentiality agreements to do so. Last week, U.S. Olympic gymnast Mikayla Maroney revealed that she had reached a private settlement with USA Gymnastics regarding Larry Nassar last December, and Zelda Perkins disclosed that she reached a settlement with Harvey Weinstein years ago; in […]

Of Recent Public Apologies

The apologies have been flying off the shelves this month, as many public figures respond to accusations of sexual harassment. A Washington Post article today does a nice job of summarizing the good and the bad of the public apologies we’ve been witnessing. The author, Allison Klein, notes that many apologies miss the mark because they’re still all […]

Michigan Court Orders Mediator to Answer Questions Regarding Mediation

A colleague mediated a litigated case this past summer, that did not result in an agreement. Last week my colleague received a court order in the case, as follows: It is ordered that the mediator who conducted the parties’ mediation on July __, 2017, shall inform the court as to: Whether opposing counsel was prepared […]

Employees Terminated: Could there have been a better outcome?

Two lively young women work as aides in a nursing home. One evening, as they are preparing a resident for bed, they start goofing around, and one of them takes a video of the other, with the bewildered resident in the background. Then, as young people so often do, they post the video on Instagram. […]


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