Monthly Archives: December 2015

I’m sorry that this isn’t an apology

Mr. Sepp Blatter, former president of the international soccer association FIFA, was found guilty this week of ethical violations by the FIFA ethics committee, and was barred from taking part in any soccer-related activities for the next eight years. He has said he will fight the suspension. He has been under suspicion of ethical violations […]

A Better Way to Argue

New research has shown that framing your argument from your opponent’s “moral perspective” is much more likely to be persuasive. Professors Rob Willard, from Stanford, and Matthew Feinberg at University of Toronto, conducted a set of six studies involving over one thousand people, to determine how re-framing based on moral perspective could be persuasive in political […]

Restorative Justice in GR

“Restorative Justice” is a relatively new concept that is fast replacing disciplinary proceedings for students who have conflicts with other students. Our Dispute Resolution Center in Grand Rapids has worked with a couple of area school districts to establish restorative justice programs, with good results. Restorative justice in schools often takes the form of restorative circles. A […]