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Before You Send That Tweet…

Dear Twitter User: Before you hit “send,” please consider:  What’s urging you to send this tweet? (a) anger/rage; (b) contribution to the national dialogue on a topic; (c) fun; (d) gaining notoriety.  What requires that you send it now?  (a) I’m shocked and I want people to I know it; (b) if I don’t send […]

Ministry Apologizes

The Christian Community Development Association has a “vision for restored communities” and now it has an opportunity to restore its own community. Its leader of ten years stepped down this past November, amid allegations of mismanagement by several former employees. The board commissioned a “Reconciliation Task Force” to help them assess their past, including “instances where we […]

Public Apologies Made Easy: the Notes App

The New York Times published a fun article this weekend on the latest format used by celebrities for their apologies: the Notes app in the iPhone. Apparently part of their appeal is that they look spontaneous and personal, as opposed to the clumsy “formal apology” that was obviously written by a handler. They are also […]

When You Should Not Say You’re Sorry

Interesting blog by Amy Sereday recently on regarding apologies: sometimes, saying “I’m sorry” is not the best thing to say. Some people over-use “I’m sorry,” as if they’re apologizing for things for which they’re actually not sorry and indeed may have no control over. Her example was saying you’re sorry after receiving unfair or […]

I Apologize for Being 14

Shortly after winning the Heisman Trophy this weekend, football player Kyler Murray issued an apology for tweets he had written a few years ago, that were considered by some as “anti-gay.” Here’s Murray’s apology: “I apologize for the tweets that have come to light tonight from when I was 14 and 15. I used a […]


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