Monthly Archives: January 2015

Third Party Apologies

Is it ever appropriate, or effective, for a third party to apologize to the victim? If the goal of an apology is to make amends to the victim, and to restore the offender to the victim’s good graces, it seems like a third party’s apology would be meaningless. But there is a place for it, […]

“Why Mediation is a Waste of Time”

This is the intentionally-provocative title of a recent blog post by fellow U of M alum Gene Killian. Gene is both a mediator and an advocate who has accumulated a lot of mediation stories, both good and bad, in his career. Other mediators and advocates weighed in, and I couldn’t resist chiming in too. Click […]

Promoting Peacemaking

The Association of Biblical Counselors recently shared some thoughts on “Resolving Conflict in Relationships Biblically.” Much of it is straight from Ken Sande’s The Peacemaker but summarized in a fresh way that might make more sense to some readers. The “seven ways out of conflict” is a new way to present ideas from James 4. […]

Biblical Peacemaking Radio Interview

Congregational conflict resolution is the theme of a series of blog talk radio programs on Tuesday evenings next month, sponsored by The Texas Conflict Coach. I’ve been invited as one of the guests, to be interviewed by my friend and colleague Zena Zumeta. Peacemaker Ministries Executive Director Dale Pyne will also be interviewed as part […]