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What if Judge Kavanagh had Received Conflict Coaching?

Since the Honorable Brett Kavanagh testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, he has issued two statements of regret–an apology to Senator Klobuchar that evening, for answering her question with a question; and an acknowledgment in the Wall Street Journal today that his tone was sharp, and he said some things he now wishes he hadn’t […]

Pastor as Mediator

Pastor Lester L. Adams posted a good article on, “The Minister, Mediation and the Protective Order,” advising pastors how to deal with a domestic violence case involving a couple in the church. His article includes both what to do (stop the meddling, cut off the gossip) as well as what not to do (don’t take sides, […]

Christian Mediation in Nigeria

The Christian Lawyers Fellowship of Nigeria (“CLASFON”), the oldest and largest Christian lawyers association in Africa, is leading the way in bringing mediation to Nigeria. Two years ago, CLASFON invited Iowa attorney and Christian conciliator Laurie Stewart to teach a five-day course on inter-personal biblical peacemaking to over one hundred CLASFON lawyers in Nigeria. These […]

Kill Them With Kindness

A man who overheard women in the next booth talking pejoratively about members of his race decided to fight back – with kindness. The man, an aboriginal in Australia, had a pot of tea delivered to the ladies’ table, along with a note on the receipt that the tea was “compliments of the two aboriginals […]

Forgiving Nazis: “I Highly Recommend It”

Eva (Mozes) Kor was ten years old when she arrived from Hungary with her family at Auschwitz in May 1944. Despite experiments performed on her by the infamous Josef Mengele, she survived, and now runs a memorial to Holocaust victims in Terre Haute, Indiana, called CANDLES (Children of Auschwitz Nazi Deadly Lab Experiment Survivors). Her […]


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