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Mediation to Address Church Bell Dispute

Neighbors of a church in Burlington, Vermont, have agreed to go to mediation with representatives from Christ the King Catholic Church over the issue of the church’s bells. The neighbors complained to the City about the church bells, wondering whether the ringing violated the City’s noise ordinance. The Assistant City Attorney, Gregg Meyer, is quoted […]

Agreement in Principle Not Enforceable

Michigan’s Court of Appeals decided this week that a mediation agreement was too vague to be enforceable. It’s not unusual for a mediation to end with a hand-written document that contemplates another document to finally settle the dispute. In fact, it’s fairly common for the mediation of a litigated case, where parties are represented by […]

Jon’s Ten Biggest Mistakes

Jon March is a seasoned litigator with the Miller Johnson law firm in Grand Rapids, who has built a successful practice as a mediator. He published at article in the ADR Section January 2015 newsletter entitled, “My Ten Biggest Mistakes as a Mediator,” and he’s given presentations on this topic; I heard one yesterday at the Dispute […]

“Why Mediation is a Waste of Time”

This is the intentionally-provocative title of a recent blog post by fellow U of M alum Gene Killian. Gene is both a mediator and an advocate who has accumulated a lot of mediation stories, both good and bad, in his career. Other mediators and advocates weighed in, and I couldn’t resist chiming in too. Click […]

Detroit Bankruptcy Mediation, Part II

I wrote in April about the mediation team being used to facilitate the Detroit bankruptcy. I was intrigued about how it would work, and impressed at the novelty of using mediators. I’m now realizing that these folks are not “mediators” in the normal sense of the word. As we read more about the active efforts […]


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