Interviewed about Peacemaking

I had the pleasure today of being interviewed by my friend and colleague Zena Zumeta about Christian peacemaking, for a “radio” program that will air next Tuesday evening, February 24, 2015, at 8 pm ET. This is “blog talk radio” so anyone with a computer and access to the internet can listen to it. And the recordings are available to be listened to later so there’s no urgency to catch it Tuesday evening. This is through an organization called Texas Conflict Coach where there are many other interviews on conflict resolution available as podcasts.

Although I know that one of the most effective teaching tools is storytelling, I have a tough time remembering stories about cases I’ve done. Knowing that this interview was coming up prompted me to review cases and recall some neat examples of reconciliation that I’ve been privileged to witness. Without revealing identities, I shared some of these stories during the interview. It reminded me anew of what God can do through the conflicts in our lives, if we are humble enough to let the Spirit work in our hearts.

Tonight, Peacemaker Ministries President and CEO Dale Pyne will do a live call-in program on biblical peacemaking, presenting a different, copmlementary perspective on this topic. It too can be listened to through the Texas Conflict Coach web-site any time after this evening.

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