A Bid to Mediate Church Conflicts

A very good article about mediating church conflicts was recently posted on mediate.com, “Referring Church Conflicts to Mediation.” The author, Wayne Plenert, uses the passage in Paul’s letter to the Philippians about the conflict between Euodia and Synteche to argue that there is a biblical basis for mediating church conflicts. In that passage (Philippians 4:2-3), Paul pleads with someone to help Euodia and Synteche resolve their conflict, noting that both of these women have labored with Paul in sharing the gospel. It’s the best example in the Christian Scriptures of mediation as an appropriate method for resolving conflicts. Mr. Plemert extracts some guiding principles for church leaders in addressing internal conflicts, providing a useful tool for any church member in a conflict with another (which is just about all of us, at some point or another!).

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