Help for Pastors in Conflict

The bad news — according to a recent survey discussed in an article by David Roach posted yesterday in Christianity Today — is that more pastors are leaving their ministry due to conflict. The good news is that God can bring healing out of conflict, and He is using ministries like Peacemaker Ministries to bring that about.  The article leads with the story of a church in California experiencing serious conflict that saw lasting reconciliation after my colleagues from Peacemaker Ministries spent a weekend with them last year.

Peacemaker Ministries has developed a line of resources through our former CEO P. Brian Noble, called “The Path of a Peacemaker,” and God is working through these resources to reconcile relationships on every level, from marriages to workplaces to congregations. This is but one example. I feel justified in touting Peacemaker Ministries because I’m the chair of its board of directors; we have a strong board, and a dynamic, visionary CEO, Laurie Stewart. May God continue to bring peace and healing in His church!

More Pastors Are Leaving Ministry Over Church Conflict